GREAT 3-D IS EXPLOSIVE!!!!!!!!! do you make it?

There are 3 basic methods to make a 3-D image with a lenticular lens. All systems work well and each has its own unique blend of Science and Art, (and FUN!)

Method #1- Combining Multiple Photographs Using a Still Camera Slider

What You Need

a. Flip! Slider- 12" wide (COST: $300 US)

b. Super Flip! Software

Attach your still camera to a Flip! Slider and mount the slider to a tripod. Using the still camera, take 5 to 20 photographs of a non-moving subject, such as a flower, tree, statue, parked car (we're sure can do better than this last one!) etc., move the camera, pointing straight forward, from the far left to the far right taking pictures at equal intervals- 1/2" for close-ups, 3/4" for medium shots, and 1" to 2" for distance (20' to infinity).

Take the negatives or transparencies and scan them into TIF format files. Enter these files into the Super Flip! program. Reverse the file order in the Super Flip! program from the way they were originally taken. Set the program to produce a merged file that uses vertical lines. Set the LPI to use the printed file with a known narrow angle 3-D lenticular lens, such as the famous 3-D 40LPI lens.

As you slide the camera across on the slider and take pictures, each picture is seeing the subject at a different angle. The picture taken from the far right and that taken from the far left will match the least. As a generalization, the center 75% of the files will overlap. The files overlap, showing different angles of the same subject; where they overlap creates perfect 3-D when printed and placed behind a lenticular 3-D lens.

As with all 3-D photography, make sure your picture has at least 3 levels of subject- foreground, middle and background. If the different levels are different from each other in colour, brightness, contrast etc., the depth levels will appear more separated for a more pleasing 3-D picture.

Method #2- Flip! Multi-Camera Camera

Make 3-D pictures of objects that are in motion by freezing their 3-D image with a Flip! Multi-Camera Camera.

The Flip! Multi-Camera Camera is 5 medium format 21/4X21/4 inch cameras connected so that you can take a picture from 5 different angles at the same time. Everything is manual for complete control. The medium format images make perfect 3-D from 2"X3" to 36"X48". Remote shutter release cables trigger the shutters. A vertical 6X4.5 cm is generally the usable negative area. The overlap of the 5 images creates vertical format pictures. We recommend that subjects be photographed from 8' to infinity.

The cameras are F4.5-22, speed 1/15 to 1/250 sec. with 75mm lens. The system uses standard 120 film. Tripods are recommended, but the system weighing only 8 lbs. is usable hand held.

Multi-Camera Camera cost: $3000 US, limited yearly supply.

Method #3-Super Flip! 3-D Genius Universal Program

You can create 3-D images either by constructiom or by conversion. Using the construction method, Super Flip! 3-D Genius enables you to construct 3-D images in your computer for any 3-D lens in just a few minutes. Super Flip!3-D Genius establishes 3 basic depths for your first 3 files: front, middle, and back. You can then add up to 300 more layers of files and dimension between these first 3 depths.

Super Flip! 3-D Genius will produce 3-D pictures in just a few minutes that formerly took weeks to produce and cost 1000s of dollars each. Super Flip! 3-D Genius is as radical a breakthrough in 3-D as was the original Flip! program for the creation of motion.

Super Flip! 3-D Genius enables you to produce up to 300 layers of depth, with complete control of matting, transparency, depth, etc. It's also lightning fast- you can play and "noodle around" with it for fun, and print out samples on your desktop printer, just to see how far you can push your creativity!

Besides quick construction, you can use the conversion method to convert 2-D to 3-D. Using an image processor, such as Photoshop to take apart a conventional 2-D image, you can place the chopped apart 2-D picture files into Super Flip!3-D Genius and create a 2-D to 3-D conversion.

Our motto is "Phd Quality- Kindergarten Simplicity!". What this means is that anyone can quickly learn to make world caliber 3-D. Super Flip!3-D Genius is so fast and simple, and inexpensive, that it will enable you to open up your 3-D creativity and do not just things in 3-D, but great things in 3-D.

Super Flip! 3-D Genius is for Windows 95/98/NT, XP, Vista and Intel Macs